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SERVPRO Offers Tips to Help Spot Mold in Your Home

11/13/2020 (Permalink)

White wall spotted with mold Mold can appear as spots on surfaces.

Worries about mold growth in your Ellis County home or about indoor exposure to mold are valid concerns because, not only can exposure to mold cause a variety of health effects, but molds can also do major damage to the structure of your home.

Molds are fungi that can be found anywhere - inside or outside. They are usually not a problem -- unless mold spores land on a damp spot and begin growing. All that is needed for mold spores to begin growing is a viable seed (spore), a nutrient source, moisture, and the right temperature. 

There are many kinds of mold in the Ennis/Red Oak area, each with its own unique growth pattern and biological structure. While you might automatically think of of a green, fuzzy patch that slowly expands outward when picturing mold, not all molds fit that pattern. Below are some tips our SERVPRO technicians have learned over the years that might help you identify a mold colony before it turns into a major headache.

When applying the tips below, remember that if you find an area that you suspect is mold growth, don’t touch it. Disturbing mold growth sends spores into the air where they can be inhaled or spread to other areas of the home.

Look For Discoloration

Not all mold damage in the Ennis/Red Oak area is green. Mold can be black, brown, white, yellow, or a variety of other colors. However, upon close inspection you should be able to spot color differences between the fungus and whatever it has started to grow on. No matter what the color of your wall, if a small section appears to be off-color, look closely or even use a magnifying glass to see if that patch has a different texture than the rest of the wall.

Spot the Dots

Because mold spores float through the air and spread out before landing across an area, they can start to grow in small patches that will appear as “polka dots” before they grow and expand into one large patch. You might find these dots on building structures, furniture, or even shoes, handbags, clothing or other items in your home.

Notice Odors

Most of us can probably relate to walking into a home and immediately recognizing that “old house” smell. Sometimes it is referred to as a “musty” smell. Well, that is very possibly coming from a hidden source of mold. Most molds won’t have a strong smell until they have developed into a substantial mold colony. However, some strains of mold can emit a moldy or foul smell even in their earliest stages.

SERVPRO of Ennis/Red Oak has technicians that are trained to provide fast and cost-effective mold remediation for homeowners across the Ellis County area. Call SERVPRO if you have identified or even suspect you have a mold problem at (972) 937-1494. We are always ready to rush to your assistance and make it "Like it never even happened."

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